Groups provide real-life experiences and dynamics that support shifts in one's internal world and provide opportunities for corrective relational experiences.

Chris Burris

Internal Family Systems Therapy for Groups


10-week group program
meeet (Mahlower Str. 24, 12049 | Schillerkiez/Neukölln)
TIME · Thursdays 7-9pm
LANGUAGE · English
FEE · 420 EUR (payment is possible in two installments)

Critical parts that reside in our inner landscape can significantly obstruct our sense of well-being. There are various types of inner critics and you may experience some or all versions of them to different extents. They may criticize your appearance, work habits, or intelligence. They might attack you for not doing everything perfectly or shame you for indulging in impulsive behaviours. You may have parts that tell you that you are lazy, stupid, or incompetent, that you are worthless and inadequate, that you will never amount to anything, or that you shouldn't even exist. There may be parts that make you feel bad and guilty for actions they deem unacceptable or attack you when you don't fit into a certain mold or meet societal expectations or those of important people in your life.

Often, inner critic parts can be so strong that they completely take over our inner system. Other times, we may try to ignore them, get rid of them, counter them with positive thoughts, or attempt to convince them that these criticisms are wrong. However, these strategies can hardly solve the problem of their harsh strategies.

It may be hard to believe, but despite their harshness and distorted attempts, these inner critic parts have a positive intention and they are trying to help us by protecting some more vulnerable and wounded parts within us. However, they are not aware that attacks and criticism only cause more suffering and they continue to do what they believe is best to protect from emotional pain.

In this group work, we will use the Internal Family Systems (IFS) approach to create an environment where we can genuinely connect with our inner critics, discover their intentions, and offer appreciation for their efforts. This process helps them build trust in us, gradually relax, transform their harsh strategies and become our inner mentors instead.

In addition to the IFS approach, this group work will be enriched with somatic, expressive arts, and constellation tools to support us on this journey.

Before enrolling in the group, there will be a 15-minute call to assess your readiness for this kind of group work and address any questions you may have.

This is a welcoming and inclusive space where we embrace and celebrate diversity. Everyone is welcome regardless of their gender identity, ethnicity, age, cultural background, sexual orientation, abilities, language proficiency, education, socio-economic status, or body size.

Who is this for?

HEALING INNER CRITICS is for individuals who are

• experiencing inner criticism that negatively affects their well-being

• curious and open to embark on the exploration of their inner world in a group context